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Some call it Soccer. Some Football. Some Calcio, some Futbol, some merely Foot.

It is The People's Game - what Pele refers to as "jogo bonito" or "the beautiful game" - and it is by a wide margin the world's most popular sport.

Its interest and significance from the fans' standpoint rivals even the most essential needs of humankind.

All around the world it is said that the people's priorities are Family, Food and Religion, except during Futbol season when the priorities shift to Futbol, Family, Food and Religion.

2 billion children kick some sort of ball around their communities every day - whether it is on a dirt patch, a grassy slope, a tarmac scrabble or a manicured turf field.

Over 1 billion people watched the 2010 FIFA World Cup Final in Soccer City in Soweto, South Africa.

Given the universal, international and massive interest and appreciation of this beautiful game, it is quite easy to understand why so many corporations and organizations desire to leverage their products and messages using the sport of soccer as the fulcrum.

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